10 years ago two friends decided to get into the world of webcomics (comics made available online). Ana C. Nunes and Natacha Salgueiro opened DreamGazer Studios's virtual doors with lots of energy, little experienc,e and boundless imagination.

10 years later, Ana C. Nunes is a published writer, occasionally draws comics and graphic novels, and loves to draw and paint. Natacha Salgueiro is still drawing but no longer dwells in comics or writing.

Ana C. Nunes is now the sole soul in DreamGazer Studios but you'll soon realize there's no shortage of great works for you to see, read and to carry you on the wings of imagination.

About the authors and artists:

Ana author
Ana C. Nunes
Was born and lives in Barcelos, a city known for it's rooster (an international symbol for Portugal). She started drawing relentlessly from age 14 onwards and since then this is one of her biggest passions. She writes fiction in novel form, comic/graphic novel and the occasional short-animation script. She drew and created all DreamGazer Studios’ sites so far (more than 8 versions) and has done a number of booktrailers.
Ana specializes in digital painting and has recently taken a renewed fondness for traditional painting.

Her works at DreamGazer Studios are: Just My Luck (script and colours), Blood Red (aka Each and their Choices), Wolf & Dragon (aka Destiny, Avoiding Destiny), Alma (inc. Garnath and the Crystal Ball), Dreams and Changes, Someone once told him..., and Much too Late.
Some of her novels and short/stories are: The Last Supper, Angel Gabriel - Pacto de Sangue (only in Portuguese), HeroĆ­na (only in Portuguese), Um toque de ... (only in Portuguese)

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Natacha author
Natacha Salgueiro
Born in France, living in Portugal (Barcelos) for many years now, Natacha draws since a very young age and has also written fiction novels, having received an honorable mention for one of her medieval romances.

She specializes in pencil and charcoal drawings, especially portraits, but she also does fashion design.

Her works at DreamGazer Studios are: Just My Luck (drawing), and Caligo.

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DreamGazer Studios was founded on August 27th of 2004
All works are Copyrighted 2003-2015 by Ana C. Nunes and Natacha Salgueiro
Webdesign Copyrighted 2014 by Ana C. Nunes

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